GRC Podcast


The GRC Podcast is a media source for education and entertainment on crypto-asset markets.

Podcast Breakdown

0:15 Intro
0:35 Background of Jeff and Doug
1:05 Where can value potentially accrue? Utility Tokens, Dapps, Store of Value Tokens (Money)
1:34 Dapps value accural via rent-seeking
2:30 Dapps accure value to the platform rather than applications on it. (Fat Protocols)
2:48 Dapps capture little value in comparison to some tokens
3:02 Utility tokens: Why they dont capture value
4:00 Utility Supply Demand Problems
5:00 SoV tokens: Usecases and Upside
6:29 SoV tokens have Trillions of dollars in upside compared to utility tokens Billions
7:12 What makes a good Store of Value
9:24 Money as Belief: casestudy with Bitcoin and its forks
10:25 Bitcoin's Big Advantage
11:00 Bitcoin's Big Disadvantage
12:01 Does Bitcoin's weaker fungibility ruin its long term value proposition compared to privacy coins like Monero?
13:15 Flow of value from fiat to BTC to other crypto-assets
14:05 Why would people choose Monero over Bitcoin?

Podcast Breakdown

0:17 Intro
0:32 What makes a good money? The best and worst of available monies
1:24 Properties of money Scarcity, Durability(1:48) fungibility(2:11) Transactabilit(2:30) Distribution(3:31)
4:30 Comparison of starting the network effect of fiat currency to the network effect of a crypto-asset. (Violence vs Opt-in money)
6:30 What is a good token distribution?
8:40 Money over the past century.
10:25 Can the world return to a 'backed' currency as used to be the case with dollars and gold.
12:30 Will money always be government generated?
16:00 Crypto as a check and balance on state power.
17:30 What will people store value in if not fiat-currency?
19:45 Emerging market debt, quantitative easing and potential implications.
21:45 Why hold crypto instead of dollars?